'You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.' ~ Paul Sweeney

Thursday, June 16, 2011

'A Tarnished Heart' by Leslie Dicken

Now available for Kindle and paperback

As someone who loves books - the smell of the paper and the feel of the book in my hands - I wasn't sure I was going to be able to read this e-book. I'm very traditional in my reading and not one of those easily persuaded to stray out of my comfort zone. However, Leslie Dicken's 'A Tarnished Heart' has changed all of that.

From the moment I began reading this book, the world around me dropped away and I was suddenly immersed in Lizzie's world - London, to be exact. A headstrong young woman forced to obey the wishes of her father, Elizabeth Parker sets out to do everything she can to force the Earl of Markham to send her back to her small, beloved town of Abingdon and away from the unfamiliar and bustling London Season. She misses her father, her flowers and the man she thinks she loves. No matter what plan she seeks to put into action, the Earl of Markham cannot send her back, for he has a plan of his own - one that will secure the future of his son despite the dark secret the Earl harbors.

What I enjoy most about this story is the way Lizzie and Evan are drawn to one another, despite their motives and scheming. She refuses to be attracted to him as she holds tight to their brief encounter when she was a young girl, and he sees her as merely a means to an end. Eventually, they are forced to drop the fa├žade and see one another for who they really are.

The twists and turns contained within this book will keep you guessing - from the dark secret the Earl hides to the ulterior motives of his previous consort, you won't know where this intriguing story will take you next. This story is everything a true romantic could ask for - a dash of mystery and blackmail, misunderstandings and ultimately that forever kind of love that leaves you breathless and deliriously happy.

'A Tarnished Heart' is well-written, entertaining and forces you to care about its characters from the very first sentence until the last, leaving you hoping for a sequel just so you can continue to be a part of their lives and their world.

This book is worth every penny and then some - don't miss out on a great read!